Bolidtop® 801

power - performance - protection

The Bolidtop® 801 is the robust, durable flooring system for the food industry. Its high-quality composition makes this flooring system highly suitable for environments in which high mechanical, chemical and thermal loads from the production process are the order of the day.
And uniquely: Bolidtop® 801 is the strongest floor for the food sector, consisting of 1 layer.

This flooring system has been specially developed for the food industry where optimal performance is a requirement, as well as minimum downtime of the production process. Find out more in the specifications.

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During the development of Bolidtop® 801, a lot of attention was also paid to the appearance of the flooring system. With a terrazzo appearance and 9 modern colours, this flooring system offers the possibility to create surprising, playful and at the same time functional effects.

The colours Light green and Light grey are already available, the other colours will be available from Q3-2024.


This robust and aesthetically pleasing flooring system is characterised by its high impact and shock resistance. The mechanically compacted floor with terrazzo appearance can take very heavy loads: thermal, chemical and mechanical. The non-slip surface contributes to a safe working environment. The system is seamless, durable, liquid-tight, low-maintenance and laid in situ by our own specialists.

Bolidtop® 801 has a terrazzo appearance and is applied in one layer, making it very suitable for both new construction and renovation projects with short lead times where high hygiene requirements are imposed on the environment.


In the development of all Bolidtop® flooring systems for the food industry and therefore also for Bolidtop® 801, the requirements and the stresses to which the floor is exposed are considered. Since floors in the food industry often present hygienic challenges and are therefore included in the HACCP, Bolidt’s high-quality flooring systems contribute to meeting HACCP requirements and affiliated certifications, such as BRC, GLOBAL G.A.P., IFS Food, RIK, SKAL and GFSI.


The floor literally forms the basis for the production process. That is why Bolidt has developed a durable resin-bound series of protective flooring systems for, among others, the food industry: the Bolidtop® series, including the Bolidtop® 801, is a series of flooring systems with the best performance in the field of:


At Bolidt, we unburden ourselves from A to Z. How? We have everything under our own management. From product development in our R&D Centre to production and application of floors, decks and wearing courses. This ensures that we can deliver what we promise within the agreed time and budget discussed beforehand. With 60 years of experience and operating in a wide range of industries worldwide, this makes us a reliable partner for everyone involved in choosing flooring. From users to architects and contractors.

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