performance of the bolidtop® floors

Building and renovating production facilities for the food industry is teamwork. With more than 60 years of experience, Bolidt knows better than anyone else what requirements the floor systems have to meet, to what thermal, chemical and mechanical loads the floor is exposed and how to guarantee a long lifespan of the floor. And equally important: Bolidt has all the expertise to unburden its customers completely. From development, production, advice, sales, project management to application and maintenance of the flooring systems.


Food safety and hygiene are inextricably linked in the food industry, especially in areas where more is done than just transporting and packaging, there is always a risk of contamination from various bacteria. During the production and processing process, the floor therefore forms the basis for optimum hygiene.

The Bolidtop® flooring systems are seamless, do not absorb any liquids and are pore-tight, so there is no risk of contamination for bacteria or fungi germinating on or in the floor. This also applies to the Bolidtop® flooring systems with a reinforced surface structure.


Because the Bolidtop® flooring systems for the food industry must be easy to clean, they must be non-porous. This is why Bolidt chooses floor systems that are completely sealed over the full thickness of the system. This is in contrast to many other floors in the market where often only the sealing top layer provides the sealing of the floor. If this sealing gets damaged, seepage can occur, causing mould in the floor, for example. You do not have this problem with the fully sealed Bolidtop® flooring system.


In the food industry, where food is prepared, prepared or stored at high and very low temperatures, the floor has to be resistant to both varying ambient temperatures and direct heat.

Depending on the specifications, the Bolidtop® flooring systems are very well suited for situations in which products and liquids are spilled on the floor at high temperatures, where the ambient temperature is as high as +180o C due to frying, cooking and deep-frying. Similarly, where products are frozen or stored in freezing temperatures and in areas where liquid nitrogen is handled. Due to the unique composition, the Bolidtop® flooring systems are very suitable for these situations and the floor remains durable and safe to use.


The floors in production environments have to endure a lot, from intensive forklift truck traffic, falling tools and machine parts during maintenance work to thermal stress at very high and low temperatures. However, during the development of the Bolidtop® series a lot of attention was paid to the chemical resistance of the flooring systems.

The Bolidtop® flooring systems are highly resistant to various chemicals, including (an)organic acids, fats, oils, alkalis and solvents. As a result of the excellent resistance, the floor systems maintain their function: guaranteeing liquid-tight protection, a very high degree of impact and slip resistance and aesthetic appeal. And that for a long time, preventing unnecessary disruption of the production process.


At Bolidt, the customer’s continuous production process comes first: the floor is the basis for a sustainable production process. And in this process safety for both employees and food safety must not be compromised. The Bolidtop® flooring systems are very robust and are characterised by high pressure, impact and shock resistance. This makes them resistant to, among other things, intensive driving traffic, sliding crates and pallets, falling objects and abrasive influences. The many types of floors in the Bolidtop® series offer a suitable and durable solution even for the most demanding and specific situations, guaranteeing the lifespan of the floor.


Not only minimising food safety risks is very important, but also increasing safety for employees. In dry and certainly also in wet production areas, the correct anti-slip profile of the flooring system is essential to guarantee a safe situation. Depending on the specifications of the various floor systems, the Bolidtop® series has various anti-slip profiles. The floor systems have been developed in such a way as to create maximum antiskid properties while at the same time being easy to clean.


The impermeability to liquids of the Bolidtop® flooring systems prevents liquids and other harmful substances from penetrating the surface and disrupting the continuous production process. The finishes also fit seamlessly with the Bolidtop® flooring systems. Hollow plinths, hollow corners and drains blend into floor surfaces, walls and columns without interruption. The detailing is an essential part of Bolidt’s total solutions, to ensure the best possible hygiene. Instead of caulking joints – which can easily come loose – Bolidt works with detailing in the floor that can enclose stainless steel gutters, as a result of which the Bolidt floor is homogeneously worked against the stainless steel.

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