Prevent hassle with flooring in the food industry

 An ill-chosen floor can cause a lot of problems in the food industry. Production having to be shut down due to an outbreak of bacteria. Audits that are not passed because of non-compliance with laws and regulations. Cracks in the floor because it turns out not to be resistant to chemicals, temperatures or the mechanical load of machinery and equipment….

Avoid hassling with floors in the food industry and prepare the investment of new construction or renovation thoroughly. This whitepaper shows what food industry professionals should look out for when choosing a floor. The right preparation can make the difference between a fiasco and a floor that is suitable for at least 20 years of intensive use.


The 5 aspects that flooring in the food industry must meet

Hygiene is key in the food industry. And hygiene in the food industry literally starts with the basics: the floor. A poorly chosen floor can therefore cause a lot of misery. This white paper discusses the 5 aspects a floor in the food industry must comply with:

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