Bolidtop® 550


De Bolidtop® 550 is a cast floor finishing system which, partly due to its flow properties, is an excellent solution in situations where existing machines are mounted on the floor. This level floor is very suitable for heavy forklift truck traffic and can be connected to the Bolidtop® 700 floor systems without any height differences. The Bolidtop® 550 is seamless, durable, liquid-tight, low-maintenance and laid in situ by Bolidt’s own specialists.

This flooring system is very suitable for areas in the food industry where the floor has to withstand mechanical loads in the form of pallet trucks and common chemicals.

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When developing this floor system, much attention was also paid to its appearance. With a modern appearance in 27 special colours, this floor system offers the possibility of surprising, playful and at the same time functional effects.

Bolidt color code 101
Bolidt color code 104
Bolidt color code 120
Bolidt color code 204
Bolidt color code 219
Bolidt color code 304
Bolidt color code 305
Bolidt color code 306
Bolidt color code 317
Bolidt color code 318
Bolidt color code 404
Bolidt color code 409
Bolidt color code 410
Bolidt color code 501
Bolidt color code 502
Bolidt color code 503
Bolidt color code 504
Bolidt color code 505
Bolidt color code 506
Bolidt color code 507
Bolidt color code 508
Bolidt color code 509
Bolidt color code 510
Bolidt color code 608
Bolidt color code 710
Bolidt color code 712
Bolidt color code 713


Bolidtop® 550 is an approx. 5 mm thick flooring system based on two component resins. The self-levelling Bolidtop® 550 has an even surface structure due to its excellent flow properties and layer thickness.

Because of its good adhesion to the surface and its durability this seamless flooring system is very suitable for forklift truck traffic and pallet transport. Moreover, Bolidtop® 550 is resistant to the most usual chemicals. Bolidtop® 550 is frequently used in new construction and renovation projects.


In the development of all Bolidtop® flooring systems for the food industry and therefore also for the Bolidtop® 550, the requirements and the stresses to which the floor is exposed are considered. Since floors in the food industry often present hygienic challenges and are therefore included in the HACCP, Bolidt’s high-quality flooring systems contribute to meeting HACCP requirements and affiliated certifications, such as BRC, GLOBAL G.A.P., IFS Food, RIK, SKAL and GFSI.


The floor literally forms the basis for the production process. That is why Bolidt has developed a durable resin-bound series of protective flooring systems for, among others, the food industry: the Bolidtop® series, including the Bolidtop® 550, is a series of flooring systems with the best performance in the field of:


At Bolidt, we unburden ourselves from A to Z. How? We have everything under our own management. From product development in our R&D Centre to production and application of floors, decks and wearing courses. This ensures that we can deliver what we promise within the agreed time and budget discussed beforehand. With 60 years of experience and operating in a wide range of industries worldwide, this makes us a reliable partner for everyone involved in choosing flooring. From users to architects and contractors.

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