This is how we work together to create the perfect floor

At Bolidt, advice about the right flooring system is always tailored to your specific situation, so that the floor is and always remains durable. We have translated our broad experience in, among others, the food industry into flooring advice. Once the choice for the right floor has been made, Bolidt uses its own trained teams of planners, project managers, laboratory technicians and installers to ensure that the promise of a perfect floor is actually realised. This always involves looking at all the conditions and circumstances that influence the result.


The quality of the substrate on which the Bolidtop® floor finish is installed is of great importance. Bolidt always advises on the requirements the various substrates must meet in order to achieve optimum adhesion of the Bolidtop® floors and thereby guarantee a robust and durable floor. The requirements for the substrate are important for a good final result of the floor finish:

Check out “The special provisions substrates”, also downloadable in download centre.


The impermeability to liquids of the Bolidtop® flooring systems prevents liquids and other harmful substances from penetrating the substrate and disturbing the production process unnecessarily. The finishes, the so-called detailing, also fit seamlessly with the Bolidtop® flooring systems. These form an essential part of Bolidt’s total solution in order to guarantee the highest possible level of hygiene. Bolidt has a solution for all situations, including:

Check out “The detail drawings”, also downloadable in download centre.


Bolidtop® floor systems are laid in situ. Achieving the best result for the floor means that the surrounding and installation conditions are closely monitored and coordinated with the customer and contractor prior to installation. Bolidt is a partner for even the smallest details in order to achieve the perfect end result.

Check out “The special provisions implementation”, also downloadable in download centre.


Before the Bolidtop® floors are installed, an inspection will take place on site by one of our project managers. During this inspection, which takes place after pouring the concrete and wind-and waterproofing the areas to be covered, all checks are completed together with the client and/or contractor, the planning and starting date of the activities are coordinated and all questions are answered. Together, we work to achieve the best result.


Bolidt advises and installs the Bolidtop® flooring systems according to the ‘all under one roof’ principle. This means that all expertise required to advise, produce and install the right flooring is done by our own Bolidt people, including project management. Clients and contractors therefore have only one point of contact. Bolidt’s wide experience with the all under one roof principle means that clients and contractors are helped with:


The Bolidtop® flooring systems have been developed in such a way that sufficient roughness is provided for the safety of employees and at the same time proper cleaning is possible in order to maintain hygiene. The chemical resistance of the Bolidtop® floors is so high that the floor systems always remain in good condition provided that the concentrates prescribed by the suppliers of the cleaning products are used. Our experts advise:

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